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Customized Battery Packs
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Customized Battery Packs

Customized Battery Packs:

Lithium primary battery (Primary Lithium Battery), is a high-energy chemical original battery, commonly known as lithium batteries. A metal lithium is a negative electrode, a solid salt or a salt soluble in an organic solvent is an electrolyte, a metal oxide or other solid, and the liquid oxidant is a positive electrode active. The general lithium manganese dioxide (Li / MnO2) batteries and the lithium fluorocarbon [Li / (CFx) n] batteries are represented by the letters CR and BR, respectively, and the subsequent numbers indicate the battery type. Lithium primary batteries are collectively referred to as a series of chemical power supplies that use metallic lithium as the anode material.

Lithium primary battery nominal voltage of 1.5V and 3.0V level two. Lithium battery has a button, roll cylindrical and rectangular and other structures. Lithium primary battery has a higher energy than the energy, long life, leakage and other advantages. Lithium battery structure is common with cylindrical carbon package, square laminated, cylindrical laminated, cylindrical winding, square winding and so on.

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·Signal lights and the post indicator transfer

·Intelligent instruments

·Smoke detector

·Security device

·Portable devices


·Medical equipment

·Wireless and other military equipment

·Water,gas and electricity meters

·Memory backup power sources

·Archery tracer nock

Product Features:

·High and stable operating voltage

·High energy density (3 to 10 times higher than other non-lithium batteries)

·Wide operating temperature range (-40℃ to 85℃)(Depends on battery type,output current and environment condition)

·Low self-discharge rate (Less than 1% per year at room temperature)

·Long shelf life (90% capacity remaining after 10 year\'s storage at 20℃)

·Superior leakage resistance

·EXtremely safe (UL(MH45237/MH49306),UN38.3,CE and RoHS certificated)

·Environmental protection (Don\'t contain toxic materials,noxious liquids or gases)

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